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Alicia Veillon

Great, easy read full of information!
March 13, 2018
I love that she designed it to be a quick read and something to come back to nd reference when needed.

A must read for all Networkers!
March 1, 2018
This book is a must read for all business owners who are out there networking as a way to market your business!

"Alicia is a MASTER Networker. I've been around the Success Industry for 20 years and she is the top 5 networkers that I've ever met. She lives the message in this book. You can read this book in one night and get the tools to make you effective at working the room without coming across weird or pushy. READ THIS BOOK now. If you work with people in any way... This book is a MUST! "        ~Team Maddix  April 5, 2018

New to Networking or Seasoned Professional will Appreciate this Gem of a Guide
March 30, 2018
This book is a wonderful reminder on the basics of networking. Even though I'm a seasoned professional networker, Alicia still had gems for me to reconsider in my networking systems. This is a wonderful book to learn from if you're new to running a business, have a new job or are just wanting to learn how to make new friends after a move. Alicia details perfectly how to go about making introductions and follow-up after you've met people. This is a wonderful book and a quick read. Alicia's style is conversational and she gives you a laugh and a chuckle from some of the stories she shares with you. Totally worth the money! You'll not be disappointed. I recommend this book to my clients.

I meet business owners every day that need just a small bit of direction to achieve great big success.  

...and I love seeing their successes!


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